MOSFET | N-channel enhancement mode MOSFET


For the n-channel MOSFET the general constriction is shown in the figure in which the gate terminal is taken from the isolated region of n-channel as shown in figure
N-channel enhancement mode MOSFET

A p-type semiconductor subtract is consider to which n-type semiconducting material is fix to from the channel of the MOSFET over these construction of a layer of metal oxide such as silicon oxide which is a dielectric material is deposited from this silicon dioxide coating two pin holes are made referred as source and drain between which is a gate terminal is taken from the silicon dioxide layer which is general construction of n-channel MOSFET


To operate n-channel MOSFET in depletion mode a negative voltage is applied at the gate hence the region ‘A’ will be negative charged as a result of which the positive charge will appear at the edge of region ‘B’ which is in contact with ‘A’ this positive charge region induces the opposite end of ‘B’ to be negative charge hence finally a positive charge is induce in the region ‘C’ i.e.
In the n-channel region this positive charge causes diffusion of electron of n-channel therefore a depletion layer is formed in the n-channel region hence know as depletion mode MOSFET the active width of n-channel is get reduce hence drain current also reduces

N-channel enhancement mode MOSFET

The construction of n channel MOSFET during enhancement mode of operation remain same as discuss in the construction of depletion mode MOSFET


For the operating of n-channel MOSFET enhancement mode the positive terminal of battery is connected to the gate so that the region ‘A’ will be positive charged therefore the upper and lower edge of silicon dioxide layer i.e.
Region ‘B’ will be negatively charge respectively therefore positive charge at the lower edge of silicon dioxide region connect with the n-channel region induce negative charge in the n-channel region which may increase the construction of electron in the channel therefore the drain current get inhence  this is while the mode of operation is known as enhancement mode of operation of given MOSFET

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