Uses of n-p-n transistor

Uses of n-p-n transistor
                                                                   Uses of n-p-n transistor

Uses of n-p-n transistor

The transistor is a three terminal semiconductor device which is useful to amplifying input signal, the word transistor stands for (Transfer of resistance) in any transistor the three terminal of emitter base and collector there are two type of transistor depending on the nature of doping of emitter base and collector
There are two kinds are
(1 ) n-p-n Transistor
(2)  p-n-p Transistor
The three terminals of any transistor as discuss as follow


In any transistor emitter is highly doped region which acts as source of charge carrier in n-p-n transistor the emitter is n-type doped semiconductor however in p-n-p transistor the emitter is p-type doped region


Base of transistor is lightly doped region placed between emitter and collector, base of any transistor is very thin inside and opposite doped w.r.t emitter and collector
During operation of transistor base is the region where electron hole recombined in n-p-n and p-n-p transistor base or positive and negative doped region respectively


This is very essential part of any transistor the collector terminal is moderated doped region and similar in size w.r.t the emitter the collector of any transistor has abability to collect the charge carrier coming from the emitter through the base region the collector region is very similar doped with of emitter of the transistor

Transistor connection

There are three terminal in any transistor therefore to make input and output terminal of the terminal of transistor must be common to both input and output therefore an basis of common terminal there are three type of transistor connection
1-Common base connection
2-Common emitter connection
3-Common collector connection
In semiconductor device electron and hole are the main charge carrier these electron and are generated inside intrinsic semiconductor due to thermal eggitation at room temperature these thermal generated electron and hole starts motion randomly

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