Developer option

Developer option

There are too many feature in our mobile phone which are hidden these feature are known as developer option some of the phone these feature are disable but we can enable this feature to enable this feature we go to the settings and click on the About phone option in this section there are too many option are available but we can click on the But we will click on the 'Build number' option seven times after this process we can see that the developer option are available to use
There are following feature in Developer option which we use and improve the mobile performance

Developer option
Developer option

1. Stay awake

When we enable this option then the screen of the mobile phone is continuously ON but these feature work only when charger are connecter, after removing the charger the phone will be normal mode this feature ON mobile screen when charger plugging

2. Process State

In this option we can easily see that which app are run in the given interval time and how much power they use, with the help of this option we can see that how many RAM apps are used we can easily see other detail of the apps

3. USB debugging

This option are use to fix software and hardware error in mobile phones after enable this option we can fix errors with the help of PC, With the help of this option we can root our mobile phone, we can install custom ROM with this option and we can take backup of phone with the help of this option

4. Allow mock locations

With the help of this option we can change our location, when we use some apps and they want to location and we cannot give him location information then we can change location with the help of this feature

5. Show touches

As the name suggest this option is use to show touches in mobile phone if we make YouTube videos on mobile and we want to show touches on the user then we can enable this option and show touches on the mobile phones we can use this option our according to circumstances

6. pointer location

After enabling this option we can see touches in the form of x and y-axis, this feature we can easily see our touches in diagram form on the coordinate system

7. Show surface update

When we enable this option a pink screen is shown on the mobile screen this means that our mobile surface is updated this feature is used to show surface update on the screen

8. Show layout bounds

When we enable this option the boundary of all elements, apps and dialogue is shown this feature is use to see how much area elements, apps and dialogue is used

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